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Consejos para tu viaje a Disney World

Tips for your trip to Disney World

These are some tips that we can give you for your trip to Disney World:

    Plan your trip in advance, it's the key to get good prices on your trip to Disney World. 

    Don't leave everything for the last moment. Study the maps of the parks, see which attractions are the most popular and get the Fast Pass for the ones that suit you. You will save time and money.

    Download the My Disney Experience app, which allows you to see waiting times and, among other things, book some restaurants. It's free and you can use it with the free wifi of the parks.

    If you travel to Disney World as a family, download the Play Disney Parks app. It's a free app that is activated in the queues of the attractions to make the wait more enjoyable.

    It's essential to be comfortable, wear sneakers.

    Drones and selfi sticks are not allowed.

    It's advisable to wear a raincoat, the weather in Florida is unpredictable.

    If you are very interested in your trip to Disney World to go to shows or parades, try to be at least 30 minutes early to save site.

    If you go to buy souvenirs, leave it for the end and take advantage of the time in the park. At the entrance you will find many shops that are open until the last minute. Also, you will not be charged. You can also buy them in the Disney Springs area, where there are many shops and access is free.

    It's possible to rent trolleys for children, although you can also go with yours.

    If you travel alone, always use the option of single rider, you will go much faster and you will not have to wait so long.


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