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* I understand that it is mandatory to attend a 90-minute tour at 120 min. Complete with my spouse / partner during the date of stay selected by the resort.

* I understand that this price is valid only for married people or who live in the same residence for which certified that my partner and I are currently legally married or living together in the same residence and this case agreed to present this evidence.

* I understand that I have no obligation to buy.

* I also certify that I and / or my partner work full time

* I understand that it is required to take and show two (2) valid forms of identification of Puerto Rico and / or the United States, one is the driver's license, the voter registration card or the valid passport of your country and the other is a credit card that has a logo: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. *

Pre-paid, electronic and / or current account (debit) cards are NOT accepted.

* I acknowledge that only one promotion per family is allowed.

* We understand, speak and read English and / or Spanish to participate in the orientation.

* This promotion is not valid for groups of individual families traveling together. If two (2) or more families are related; and / or know each other, and use this stay from the same day and / or attend the Resort on the same day and / or at the same time, the two families will be disqualified by the Resort and the promotion and each family will be responsible for the total cost at the regular price on all hotel accommodation charges and / or ticket costs for entertainment attractions offered and / or sold at a discount price purchased through this promotion.

* I testify that I have not attended a Resort presentation (Calypso Cay) in the last twelve (12) months. I understand that I do not qualify to receive another invitation to participate in the presentations of these resorts to obtain another promotion for the next twelve (12) months from the date of the orientation and / or assistance.

 * I agree that NOT attending the schedule orientation and / or failing to meet the requirements of this agreement may receive an administrative fee for a total of $ 350.00

* Changes to the arrival date can be accepted according to availability. The Resort and / or the Hotel must be 72 hours in advance and a charge may be made for a change of date that does not exceed the amount of $ 99.00.

* I understand that this promotion is not refundable. The promotion may be transferable to another family that meets all the requirements and qualifications set forth in this agreement.

* Taxes and resort fee, airfare, meals and / or car rental transportation are NOT included.

* The promotion is NOT valid for residents of Central Florida.

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